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" I play in the ECNL, elite club national soccer league, and started training with Cam to give me a leg up against my competition. My goal was to improve my explosive power and increase my muscle mass so I would be more competitive as a D1 college recruit. I was also uneven in my legs which was causing some knee pain that affected my soccer training. After working with Cam I immediately noticed a difference in my leg strength which made me more balanced and pain free. After that I was able to train hard and build muscle that has improved my vertical and given me more presence in the net. Because I was balanced and pain-free, I was able to accomplish so much more my senior year in high school achieving all-Conference, all-State and all-Metro awards….I was recruited by OU, in the BIG12, because of my presence, speed and agility in the net. I know this was only possible through the extra training and care that Cam has put into me."

—Olivia R, current OU student-athlete

" Our family has been working with Cam at Pursuit Fitness for over three years. In that time, my two older boys have increased their vertical jumps considerably. Both of them have gained strength and both can dunk in basketball. Cam has played a big role in my oldest being recruited to play D3 basketball. My youngest has also gained inches on his vertical, but more importantly, he has gained so much confidence which has transferred to the basketball court."

Catari L, Mom of 2 student-athletes

" Everything Shaun has taught me still benefits me today. Without his help, I would not have been able to handle the level of toughness at the Division 1 level, both physically and mentally. He is a super positive and knowledgeable person and basketball trainer. He provided great advice both for on and off the court, and helped make it possible for me to be where I am today. I am very thankful for everything he has done for me and my game."

—McKenzie, current student at Montana State University

" It was integral to my game that I started training with Shaun when I did in the middle of my freshman year in high school because he taught me the basic basketball knowledge that I was not getting from my high school and AAU coaches. If we didn’t start there I do not think I would have made it to college basketball on my own. The amount of drills and ball handling workouts that I have engraved in my brain from Shaun’s workouts helped me immensely in college, because they always gave me something to work on and get better at… Last season I had a top 10 three point percentage in the MIACC thanks to diligent work by Shaun and I. Additionally the work ethic, drive and positive habits I have developed since training with Shaun set me for success for the rest of my athletic career and life."

—Maddy R., Gustavus Adolphus College sophomore

" My son switched training last June to Pursuit and continued thru early December. Hunter really enjoyed the challenging workouts and the Group he trained with. His goal was to get stronger for High School Swimming and to be able to qualify for the State Meet and possibly set a school record. He finished his Swim Season with 4 school records —winning section 50 free!—state meet qualifier —finishing 7th in state which was All-State! This was all made possible with the guidance of a truly knowledgeable gifted Trainer! Cam I can not thank you enough ! I am a true believer in young athletes getting stronger!"

—DR. Belting, parent of student-athlete

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