Fitness and Nutrition

Proper fitness training and nutrition education work hand-in-hand to help student-athletes excel.

Overall fitness and health is just as important as skill level when working on taking performance to the next level. That is why fitness training and nutrition education are included as an integral part of our program.

Not a serious athlete?
We also offer our professional fitness and nutrition training to students who aren’t sports-focused but are working toward a personal goal to be stronger and healthier.

Personalized Fitness Training for Student-athletes

Daily, individualized fitness workouts from the experienced staff at our partner Pursuit Fitness are designed to make training fun.

All EFT students spend 60-90 minutes per day at Pursuit Fitness working on their individualized plan using an app that tracks and logs daily workouts. Age-appropriate workouts are tailored to help our athletes to develop flexibility, speed, agility, and strength to meet their goals.

Student Athlete Trainer Cam Krugerund

" My 15 year old son was looking to add muscle to his tall and lean frame for golf and in 3 short months he added 15 pounds of muscle and added flexibility. Cam does a great job of motivating and challenging his students to become the best they can. "

Todd Solum, Parent

Meet Cameron Krugerud, NSCA CPT, Director Of Fitness At EFT Academy


I grew up in Minnesota and am a graduate of Wayzata High School. After high school, I went to Augsburg College and played football. I started all four years and achieved the 1,000lb club in the weightlifting program. That solidified my passion for lifting and speed training. The fact that you can take an average athlete like me, and make them exceptional with the right mentoring and training is what drove me to a career in fitness mentoring.

  • Kinesiology degree from Augsburg College
  • Worked under professional NFL combine coach, Bill Welle for four years, developing skills in training youth and professional athletes in speed, agility, and plyometrics.
  • Created Pursuit Fitness, and built programs for Middle and High School athletes to teach proper weightlifting mechanics, explosiveness, and speed.
  • Unique ability to train kids of all ages while continually customizing the routine to provide added muscle, faster movements, explosiveness, and specific injury prevention activities. And, I make it fun!

My goal is to help kids achieve their goals in sports. I am always seeking new and innovative methods to stay at the forefront of training. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your athletes grow, get stronger, be faster, and excel in their sport. Just knowing that I played a small part in motivating them to take that leap to the next level is beyond rewarding.

Customized Nutrition Education to Maximize Training Results

We provide personalized nutrition education to help students understand how to fuel their body for top performance and maintain healthy eating habits. Students will also learn how proper nutrition plays a vital part in building the body’s endurance and strength.

Nutrition plans are personalized for each athlete’s goals and needs—weight gain, weight loss, macro-nutrient balance, and vitamin/mineral/protien supplements (with family approval)— to maximize training results.


EFT scholars work harder than their peers. A typical school lunch is not adequate for our students. Everyday, we will provide a fully catered lunch. Meals will consist of nutritious fresh fruit, vegetables, starch, bread, and main course. We build serving sizes that are right for hard-working and growing athletes. Lunch may just become the best part of your day. We also make healthy eating easy for our students by providing balanced, nutritious catered lunches choices during their busy day at EFT Academy.

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