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Read on for more details on EFT Academy’s athletic and academic program and enrollment and elegibility requirements.


What types of courses are offered?

The curriculum will focus on core foundational studies with a wide range of electives including world languages, AP, Honors, and career-focused courses to provide a well-rounded education and prepare students for college and beyond.

What are your COVID-19 policies?

Masks are optional at EFT Academy. Students will never be required to wear a mask.

There is NO vaccine mandate for coronavirus for kids at EFT.

Are students able to accelerate their academics?

Courses are self-paced allowing students the flexibility to move at the speed that they learn best.

What athletic programs are offered at EFT Academy?

We offer basketball, volleyball, soccer and golf programs. We also offer a U.S. Military Service Preparedness program for high school Juniors & Seniors. Additional programs will be available based on interest.

Is your school accredited?

Our academic program is provided through Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy which is fully accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), the Western association, and meets NCAA graduation requirements.

What grade levels does EFT Academy offer?

EFT Academy accepts students in grades 6-12

Do you offer laptops? When will we receive them after enrollment?

Chrome books are included in the tuition and are issued on the first day off school. (Ins. Policies available)

Will there be state testing?

No, because our students receive private education state testing is not required.

When does the academic program begin?

The first Tuesday after Labor Day.

Can students earn a diploma while enrolled at EFT Academy program?

Yes, student-athletes enrolled full-time through Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy will receive a diploma awarded by EdOptions Academy.

Will there be live lessons? Are students required to join them?

There are optional scheduled live lessons in the EdOptions Academy academic program that the student can attend.

Is there a graduation ceremony?



What are the requirements to enroll?

An Interview with EFT Academy director and, student must currently be in good academic standing, and sports physical for athletes.

Do you offer rolling enrollment? Can I start anytime?

Yes, however a full assessment of current academic progress and a current year completion plan is required to meet expectations.

How long does the enrollment process take? How/When will I know that my application has been accepted?

Typically it takes (5-7 business days) for documents to get uploaded, verified, and to conduct the EFT Director’s interview.

What is the maximum age for students to enroll?

We follow Minnesota’s High school age limit policy.

What documents do you require for student enrollment?

Proof of age (birth certificate or driver’s license) and academic records

How can we submit documents? How long does it take to review them?

Documents can be submitted through the online application.

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It typically takes (2-5 business days) for documents to be verified.


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